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Rocket Ship Speed

Faster than Loshan's hacking skills. 1TB/S Wifi Speeds.

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Get access to one of Loshan's many iphones.


Windows 10 is shit.

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Unless you are being hacked by us.

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Scripts include:
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Loshan's Basement.

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You won't get hacked! May result in debt or identity theft.
We also abide by the Data Protection Act This means that, your data:

  • has limited use and only for the stated purposes
  • used for only relevant cases
  • accurate (if not DDoS our site)
  • kept for no longer than neccessary (according to me forever)
  • kept safe and secure (site's secured via TLS - nah, I'm lying, my TLS cert ran out)
  • follows the daata protection rights
  • not transfered outside the european economic area